Saturday, September 12, 2009

For Monsters Only

Major Magazines Inc.
Publisher: Robert C. Sproul
Editor: Lorraine Zuckerman
Nov. 1965 - June 1972

In 1965, MAD clone Cracked debuted it's own monster mag, which was heavy on comic style art (by Cracked's stable of artists, including E.C. legend John Severin), but also featured some articles on monster movies, plus photos, games and cut-out goodies. Most of the material (including cover art) from FMO would be reused in '80s issues of Cracked Collectors' Edition (often sub-titled "Those Cracked Monsters") and Cracked Monster Party.

No. 1
Cover Artist Unknown

No. 2
Cover Art by John Severin

No. 3
Cover Art by John Severin

No. 4
Cover Artist Unknown

No. 5
Cover Art by John Severin

No. 6
Cover Artist Unknown

No. 7
Cover Artist Unknown

No. 8
Cover Art by John Severin

No. 9
Cover Art by Jeff Jones ?

No. 10
Cover Art by Gray Morrow

1967 Annual


  1. There were only 10 issues plus the annual? Any other history sources available for the magazine?

  2. Just those 11 in this series.

    Cracked had later monster titles, like the ones mentioned above. Here's a huge Cracked covers gallery, with all of those issues.

    If you Google "cracked", you'll get many sites that cover the history of Cracked and related titles.

    Zombo fan Mike