Monday, September 28, 2009

Monsters of the Movies

Curtis Publishing
Editors: Roy Thomas, Jim Harmon
June 1974 - Aug. 1975

Curtis was the imprint that Marvel used for it's b/w magazines from 1971 to 1980. The name derived from Marvel's distributor Curtis Circulation. Covering classic and contemporary horror movies, Monsters of the Movies included interviews, articles and photo features. The mag also featured some excellent cover art from Marvel's stable of artists. The mag's staff was half west coast fans and half east coast Marvel bullpen members and tensions between the two groups are likely what brought about the demise of Monsters of the Movies, after nine issues. Super Annual Issue #1 is also identified as Vol. 1 No. 9.

Another Curtis/Marvel magazine, Monsters Unleashed, though mostly a comic stories mag, also featured a few pages, each issue, of monster movie coverage (with photos), or a review of a book on fantasy films. The cover art was not movie inspired.

No. 1
Cover Art by Luis Domingquez

No. 2
Cover Art by Bob Larkin

No. 3
Cover Art by Bob Larkin

No. 4
Cover Art by Bob Larkin

No. 5
Cover Art by Bob Larkin

No. 6
Cover Art by Luis Domingquez

No. 7
Cover Art by Luis Domingquez

No. 8
Cover Art by Bob Larkin

No. 1 Super Annual Issue
Cover Art by Gray Morrow


  1. Hey mike, its Cerebus from UMA. I have several issues of Monsters of the Movies but wasn't sure how many they put out. Now that I know there was only 8, I'm going to work on completeing my collection. Love the mummy art by Luis Domingquez. That was the first issue I had ever purchased... way back when :)

    1. Hi Cerebus! Nine issues, counting the annual. One of the best of the short run monster mags!