Monday, September 14, 2009

Monster World (Warren)

Warren Publishing Co.
Publisher: James Warren
Editor: Forrest J Ackerman
Nov. 1964 - Sep. 1966

Monster World was the short lived sister magazine to Famous Monsters of Filmland. Virtually identical to FM, but not selling nearly as well, it was phased out after ten issues and the frequency of FM was increased. Monster World was also the place where Warren published his first comics stories. A year before Creepy and Eerie, several movie adaption strips were included in the pages of MW. FM cover artists Vic Prezio, Ron Cobb and Gray Morrow also lent their talents to Monster World. In their race to get to FM #100, Warren Publishing skipped over FM numbers 70-79 and incorporated MW numbers 1-10 as the missing issues.

No. 1
Cover Art by Russ Jones

No. 2
Cover Art by Vic Prezio

No. 3
Cover Art by Ron Cobb

No. 4
Cover Art by Vic Prezio

No. 5
Cover Art by Gray Morrow

No. 6
Cover: Don Post Mask

No. 7
Cover Art by Gray Morrow

No. 8
Cover Art by Ron Cobb

No. 9
Cover Photo: The Addams Family

No. 10
Cover Photo: The Reptile


  1. Great to see all those covers once again it brings back many happy memories!

    1. I have a 1st issue in excellent condiction. Do you know what it's worth?

    2. Except for no.3, MW issues are not hard to find in ex. condition and usually go for $10-20. No.3 $50+