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Warren Miscellany (1960s)

Besides FM, Monster World and Spacemen, Warren's other film (or film related) mags from the 1960s included Favorite/Wildest Westerns (nos. 1-6), Screen Thrills Illustrated (nos. 1-10), the short run of Famous Films and a couple of one-shots. The FM paperbacks are also of interest to monster mag collectors.

Famous Films
Warren Publishing
Editor:Russ Jones
1964 - 1965

Russ Jones put together these fumetti style mags, with an assist from Wally Wood, Maurice Whitman and others. The films' stories were told in comic book style, using photos with dialog balloons. Horror of Party Beach (FF no. 1) went on sale in Aug. 1964. The Mole People came out next and though it doesn't have a number or the Famous Films title, it is surely a part of this series. Curse of Frankenstein / Horror of Dracula was the third release, although the cover says "Famous Films no. 2".

No. 1
Cover Art by Russ Jones

No Number
Cover Art by Russ Jones

No. 2
Cover Art by Russ Jones

Famous Monsters of Filmland Do-It-Yourself
Monster Make-Up Hand Book
by Dick Smith

Future Oscar™ winning make-up artist Dick Smith wrote this "how-to-do-it" mag, featuring 100 pages of step-by-step photo illustrated guides for producing several monstrous faces, from the simple to the more advanced "Mr. Hyde" make-up seen on the cover. The mag was reissued, in paperback form, by Imagine Inc. in 1985.

On The Scene presents
Super Heroes
Warren Publishing
Publisher/Editor: James Warren
Oct. 1966

This one-shot consisted of one new article on the upcoming Batman (1966) feature film, plus reprint articles from Warren's Screen Thrills Illus. and Spacemen on the super hero serials of the '30s and '40s, such as Columbia's "Batman" and Universal's "Flash Gordon". The only other Warren magazines published under the "On The Scene" banner were two issues of the teen mag Freak Out, U.S.A.

FM Paperbacks
In June 1964, Paperback Library published the first of three 160 page paperbacks of reprinted material from various issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland. Cover art was reused from issues of FM and Famous Films.

No. 1

No. 2
Cover Art by James Bama

No. 3
Cover Art by Russ Jones

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