Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One-Shot Magazines (1960s)

The '60s produced several one-shot (intentionally, or not) monster mags and these are them.

3D Monsters
Fair Publishing, Ltd.
Editor: unknown

This one-shot featured 10 pages of blurry 3D photos of Aurora model kits and movie stills. The rest of the mag consisted of a few short articles with lots of photos. 3D glasses included. Fair Publishing was a Myron Fass imprint.

Official The Munsters Magazine
Twin Hits Productions
Editor: Roger Elwood

Excellent one-shot for Munsters fans. This 68 page mag includes character profiles, illustrated Munsters fiction, (Universal) monster movie history, the Barris Munster Koach, quizes, contests and more, illustrated with publicity photos and Munster art.

Chilling Monster Tales
MM Publishing, Ltd.
Editor: unknown
Aug. 1966

Nicely done mag, but would have needed something more to sustain interest in further issues. There are no credits in the mag, except for the lead article credited to long time SF fan/editor Sam Moskowitz, whom I suspect wrote the others, excluding the Poe story. Articles are mostly plot summaries. Profusely illustrated with a somtimes interesting use of red ink.

Monster Howls
Humor-Vision, Inc.
Editor: Milton Duggan
Dec. 1966

This humorous monster mag featured funny captioned photos, comics and some excellent monster art by E.C. comics legend John Severin and others. Humor-Vision was an imprint of Major Magazines, who published Cracked's For Monsters Only.

Spies, Spoofs & Super Guys
Dell Publishing
Editor: unknown

The closest Dell ever came to producing a monster mag was this one-shot combining the spy movie fad (and spoofs thereof) with the superhero craze ushered in by TVs Batman.

Certificate X!
Famous Filmland Monsters
World Distributors Ltd.
Editor: Unknown
Jan. 1965

32 page UK one-shot. Virtually all horror films (at that time) received  the "X" certificate, by the British Board of Film Censors, restricting admittance to adults only.

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