Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Spacemen, Inc./Warren Publishing Co.
Publisher: James Warren
Editor: Forrest J Ackerman
July 1961 - June 1964

Covering sci-fi movies from Metropolis to the sci-fi serials and the classic space movies of the 1950s, Spacemen (like Warren's Screen Thrills Illus.) took it's subject a bit more serious than the pun-filled Famous Monsters (much to the delight of it's editor). Each issue also include a piece of short (science) fiction. With the whole country space crazy (in the early 1960s), it's surprising that Spacemen didn't sell well enough to last longer than it's short eight issue run.

No. 1
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 2
Cover Art by Bruce Minney

No. 3
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 4
Cover Art by Basil Gogos
(alien head by James Warren)

No. 5
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 6
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 7
Cover Photo: 12 To The Moon

No. 8
Cover Artist Unknown

1965 Yearbook
Cover Art by Wally Wood & Russ Jones

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