Sunday, May 2, 2010

Famous Monsters of Filmland 4

Warren Publishing Company
Publisher: James Warren
Editor: Forrest J Ackerman
February 1958 - March 1983

The End of FM!

Nearly all photo covers the last few years of the Warren FM. The Gogos "Phantom" makes his 3rd appearance, along with three older, previously unpublished Gogos paintings. A Sanjulian "Mummy", an unknown "Frankenstein" and "ET" and finishing up with a new cover painting by Bill Selby on #191.

Also shown are the 1974 and 1975 FM Convention programs and the 1982 Famous Monsters Game Book, made up of reprinted material from FM and a reused cover from Creepy #1.

No. 151

No. 152

No. 153

No. 154

No. 155

No. 156

No. 157

No. 158
Cover Art by H. R. Giger
(movie production art)

No. 159

No. 160
(movie poster art by Robert McCall)

No. 161

No. 162

No. 163

No. 164

No. 165

No. 166

No. 167

No. 168

No. 169
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 170

No. 171
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 172

No. 173

No. 174

No. 175

No. 176
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 177

No. 178

No. 179
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 180
Cover Artist Unknown

No. 181

No. 182

No. 183

No. 184

No. 185
Cover Art by Sanjulian

No. 186

No. 187

No. 188
Cover Art by Gogos/Sanjulian/Gogos

No. 189
Cover Artist Unknown

No. 190
(movie poster art by Roger Kastel)

No. 191
Cover Art by Bill Selby

FM Convention Programs

Cover Artist Unknown
(movie poster art by "Mac" Gomez)

Cover Art by Ken Kelly

Famous Monsters
Game Book

Cover Art by Jack Davis


  1. Cool, thanks for posting the remaining covers.

    Still some nice covers in the last set, and few they have re-used, i:e I think #171 has been used quite a few times.

    I that #1 to #50 are the best, that was the golden age of FM


  2. The Gogos "Phantom" on #171 was previously on the covers of #16 and the 1969 yearbook.

    Overall, I think the earlier issues were the best, but there were many fine covers after that. #58-68 and #99-135 had a lot of great covers by Basil, Ken Kelly and others.

  3. I can help you with 3 cover artists.

    #74 - Macario "Mac" Gomez (from the Spanish movie poster for "Twins of Evil")

    #190 - Roger Kastel

    #160 - Robert McCall

  4. GSW, thanks so much for identifying the 5 poster artists here and in FM gallery #3! How did you come by your vast knowledge? :)

    I'm a big movie poster art fan, myself, though mostly silents thru 1950s.

  5. Hi Mike. You are very welcome.
    I am a huge fan of movie poster art and the only thing I can tell you about my knowledge is years of research, research, research and being able to decipher scribbled signatures, lol.

  6. Well, all that research paid off today. Thanks, again!