Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monster Magazine Indexes

The Teratoid Guide

The International Guide To Magazines Dealing With Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. Four issues were published in 1973-1974 by Claude D. Plum Jr. List of monster magazines and fanzines with publisher information. Magazine

No. 3

Fantasy Magazine Index

In 1976, Maryland fan Delbert Winans published the one shot Fantasy Magazine Index, an index of the contents of most monster magazines published up until 1974. All articles of every issue of Famous Monsters, Castle of Frankenstein, Horror Monsters, Fantastic Monsters, etc. Still the only publication that can offer all of that information in one place and a valuable resource for today's collector. Magazine

Cover Art by David Robinson

Forrest J Ackerman, Famous Monster of Filmland

Published in 1986 by Imagine Inc. (Bob Michelucci et al) and written by Uncle Forry, these books were designed in the style of early FM's and include Forry's reminiscences of editing the first fifty issues of FM. Filled with way too much good stuff to list here, the book has an introduction by Vincent Price, a new Graveyard Examiner and You Axed For It, an alumni section of fans turned pro, a look at the Captain Company, plus 150 fascinating photos and much more.
Trade Paperback

Vol. 2 (1991 Hollywood Publishing Co.) covers FM #51 - #100 and has a forward by Bill Warren and 60th and 50th anniversary tributes to Universal Studios' Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolf Man.
Trade Paperback

Famous Monsters Chronicles

Published by Fantaco Inc. in 1991 and edited by Dennis Daniel.
A complete index to all 191 issues of FM, the Yearbooks, Monster World #1-10 and the FM paperbacks. Each listing also contains a cover photo. Too much to cover here, but there's Greg Theakston's Warren Report, interviews with FM cover artists and others, tributes from top writers, reminiscences from actors, writers and directors and a wonderfully nostalgiac cover by Theakston. A must for the FM fan.
Trade Paperback

Cover Art by Greg Theakston

Gathering Horror
A Completist Collector’s Catalogue and Index for Warren Publishing

Edited by David Horne. A comprehensive guide to the complete output of Warren Publishing assembled to date. Famous Monsters, Vampirella, Creepy, Eerie, Help!, Spacemen, Warren Presents, Blazing Combat, Heidi Saha, and many more. Over 700 pages.
Phrona Press 2010.
  • Complete listings of all Warren publications, including full contents, full indicia information, and any relevant historical or background information.
  • A complete listing and description of all Warren-related merchandise.
  • A comprehensive list of publications that reprinted Warren material.
  • The first detailed, comprehensive list of foreign Warren reprint or related publications.
  • An extensive section devoted to books and magazines that included information about Warren Publishing.
  • Over 100 pages of appendixes, featuring writer, artist, and editor indexes for Warren titles; title indexes for both comics and movie-related magazines; feature indexes for the movie-related magazines ("You Axed For It," etc.); and a Warren chronology featuring issue pub dates, among other things
  • Only 300 copies of this reference book have been printed.


  1. Hey folks (sellers and collectors), the discussions here are mainly about magazine and fanzine ISSUES, and not bullets, as in "one-shot"....the logical and appropriate term is "one-issue", as in "Having not continued past #1, the magazine ended as a one-issue."

    But "one-issue" is a term many magazine collectors are apparently (and oddly) still largely ignorant of (!!!), and as a result have helped spread the misuse of the firearm term "one-shot" among magazine and fanzine collectors.

    Now with that said, is there anyone who has read the above, who STILL believes that "one-shot" is more logical and appropriate than "one-issue" for magazines and fanzines ?....

    But as there hasn't been a post here in over two years, maybe there will never be a response to that question.

  2. May not be more logical, or appropriate, but "one-shot" has more "zazz"! :)

    The reason there haven't been any posts, here, in more than 2 years, is because this blog was only meant to be a replacement for the old Geocities website. Once that was done (with some extra info added) I moved on to other things.


  3. Hi Mike ! Thx for the reply and the explanation of the Geocities site. Aside from your personal feeling about "one-issue" lacking enuff "zazz" (which i couldnt find any dictionary definition of), my open-to-everyone question still deserves a logical and reasonable reply, and as long as no one can or will do that, "one-issue" remains the more logical, reasonable and appropriate term to use.

    Consider then, a logical and reasonable response could be-

    "Well, altho i personally prefer "one-shot", i am an honorable and open person NOT above correction, and "one-issue", as suggested, may be the more logical and appropriate term to use, and so in this case i will logically ACCEPT this logical suggestion and WILL hereafter instead use "one-issue" on the site."

    But to continue refusing using the logical term "one-issue" without any serious and logical reason can ONLY be from a desire to be stubborn in a position of power, and NOT honorably open to a logical suggestion from a courteous stranger or insignificant person.

    Im 57 now, and was a monster magazine /memorabilia collector many years ago, and i think your site is important and valuable, but i am specifically and courteously offering this logical suggestion to you, Mike, as an important ethical test to see if you will honorably make the logical and right decision here, or not.

    - Paul Merrill

  4. I promise all new posts on this blog will use the term "one-issue".

    PS: "zazz" is short for pizazz.

  5. Mike - "new posts" only ?....most all of the known "one-shot" issues are already on the why NOT have those corrected first ?!

    surely replacing a word in a few paragraphs and lists isnt that difficult ? please explain it to me.

  6. quote: Mike - "new posts" only ?....

    Sorry, that's the best I can do. Thanks for posting!

  7. Gathering Horror? Is it available as download? I'd buy that in a heartbeat. I'm 65 and I went paperless a long time ago

  8. Gathering Horror was self published (300 copies, sold out) and wasn't available as an ebook. Maybe someday?

  9. I understood it was a limited edition. Just was wondering if the galleys exist in a Word type document it would be relatively easy to convert. Maybe make it available to folks here in whatever rough version exists. Show you there is an interest and maybe you would in the future be motivated to ebook it at least for posterity's sake. Just asking. Keep us informen anyway. Thanks

    1. Talked to Dave and he says no plans for a reprint or download. Keep checking ebay and abebooks! :)

  10. There's one on right now for $169.00.