Sunday, March 14, 2010

Screen Thrills Illustrated

Warren Publishing Co.
Publisher: James Warren
Editor: Sam Sherman
June 1962 - Nov. 1964

Screen Thrills Illustrated was for action movie fans what FM was for monster movie fans. Editor Sherman and Robert Price wrote most of the articles, concentrating on westerns, war and crime films and most especially serials. Action stars and stunt men were also profiled. Sherman would later co-found (with Al Adamson) Independent-International, turning out such exploitation films as Dracula vs Frankenstein.

No. 1
Cover Art by Basil Gogos

No. 2
Cover Art by Norm Eastman

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10


  1. Wow! Thank you... that's great! I don't think I knew there were 10 issues!

  2. I love great cover art and I wish the other issues looked as good as the first two!

  3. Absolutely my favorite magazine when I was a kid.

  4. Mt father was Sam Sherman's best friend and worked on this entire magazine. He was "Pa Jector" and wrote alot of the articles. It's a shame he is never mentioned. His name was Robert Price and collected and wrote about serials for years.

    1. Thanks for correcting the record, Ms. Price! I was pleased to ad your dads name to the description!