Saturday, May 15, 2010

Misc. Books

Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos
Compiled & Edited by Kerry Gammill & J. David Spurlock
Vanguard Productions (2006)

The master of movie monster art is profiled in this retrospective of his career. Over 150 color and 50 b/w reproductions of Gogos' work from men's adventure mags, paperback books, movie posters, album covers and, of course, monster magazines. Also includes tributes by other artists and famous fans. Introduction by Rob Zombie.

Hardcover Edition

Deluxe Slipcase Hardcover Edition
Includes a 16 page bonus folio.

Trade Paperback

The Warren Companion
Edited by David A. Roach & Jon B. Cooke
TwoMorrows Publishing (2001 / OOP)

The ultimate compendium to the great comics of Warren Publishing! The book features a complete reprinting of the Eisner Award-winning Comic Book Artist #4, plus the entire history of the company from 1956 to 1983, examining all the titles including Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Blazing Combat, Help!, The Spirit, and many more. Includes the most definitive Warren checklist ever compiled, unpublished art, archival photos, plus Warren merchandise, conventions, most prolific contributors, foreign publications and many other fascinating oddities! Also featuring interviews with Jim Warren, Bernie Wrightson, Will Eisner, Neil Adams, Gene Colan and many more.

Hardcover Limited Edition
Signed and numbered by James Warren, with
16 extra pages, plus extra Bernie Wrightson plate.

Trade Paperback

Cover Art by Alex Horley

Shock! Theater: An Illustrated History
by Jim Clatterbaugh (editor) and Michael Kronenberg (designer)
Published by Monsters From The Vault (2001 / OOP)

In 1957, Screen Gems released it's package of 52 Universal horror and mystery films to television. Within a year the first monster mag was published and the monster boom was on! This volume contains the complete, rare Shock! TV promotional book. Also included are an introduction by the "Cool Ghoul", Zacherley, tributes and memories of Shock! Theater from the writers of Monsters From The Vault and tons of rare photos and promotional material. 136 glossy pgs.

Trade Paperback

The Complete Illustrated History Of The
Skywald Horror-Mood
by Alan Hewetson
Headpress/Critical Vision (2004)

Skywald editor Alan Hewetson tells the complete, behind-the-scenes story of this influential horror comic publisher from the 1970s. With titles like Nightmare, Psycho and Scream this small New York publishing company produced some of the ghastliest stories in the history of illustrated horror. Also includes contributions from all the Skywald writers and artists, plus special features and unpublished artwork. 224 pages.

Trade Paperback

The Great Monster Magazines
A Critical Study of the Black and White Publications of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s
by Robert Michael Cotter
McFarland & Company (2008)

An overview of horror film magazines and b/w comics mags from the 1950s through the 1970s. The book examines the contributions of Marvel, Warren, Eerie, Skywald and others. The book includes several indexes and technical credits.


The Weird World of Eerie Publications
Edited by Mike Howlett
Feral House (2010)

From the publisher's description:
Eerie Publications' horror magazines brought blood and bad taste to America's newsstands from 1965 through 1975. Ultra-gory covers and bottom-of-the-barrel production values lent an air of danger to every issue, daring you to look at (and purchase) them. Introduction by Stephen R. Bissette.